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Grilled Fresh Sardines Smoked Trout with Cucumber
Grilled Salmon Steaks with Fennel Sole Goujons with Lime Mayonnaise
Haddock with Parsley Sauce Spaghetti with Seafood Sauce
Herby Plaice Croquettes Spanish Seafood Paella
Herrings in Oatmeal with Mustard Spanish Style Hake
Kashmir Coconut Fish Curry Special Fish Pie
Mackerel Kebabs with Parsley Spicy Fish Rosti
Mackerel with Mustard and Lemon Stuffed Plaice Rolls
Mackerel with Tomatoes and Pesto Thai Prawn Salad
Mediterranean Fish Stew Trout with Hazelnuts
Mediterranean Plaice Rolls Trout Wrapped in a Blanket
Middle Eastern Sea Bream Tuna and Corn Fish Cakes
Mixed Smoked Fish Kedgeree Tuna Fishcake Bites
Monkfish with Mexican Salsa Tuna with Pan-fried Tomatoes
Moroccan Fish Tagine Warm Salmon Salad
Mussels with Wine and Garlic Whitebait with Herb Sandwiches
Pan Fried Garlic Sardines Prawn and Mint Salad
Pickled Herrings Steamed Fish with Garnish
Squirrel Fish Fish Head Casserole
Steamed Whole Fish Wrapped In Lotus Leaves Fried Bass in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Sweet Sour Crisp Fish Chrysanthemum Fish Pot
Bean Curd Fish in Chili Sauce Sautéed Fish Steaks with Garnish
Braised Whole Fish In Hot Vinegar Sauce Steamed Lobster
Fried Oyster Sizzling Eel
Fried Prawn Balls With Baby Corns Steamed Eel
Wine Marinated Shrimps Deep Fried Conpoy And Shredded Kale
Crab with Eggs Crab Balls




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